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Why Private Funds Matters

Keeping Promises: The Need for Private Funding

Public education cannot be synonymous with “second-rate.” The strength of our country—and of California in particular—was built on the promise of a first-rate public education system. But, over the past 30 years that promise has become tarnished. Too often, the State of California has been struck with fiscal challenges that cut basic resources from our public educational systems. All too often community colleges have borne the brunt of these cuts.

Yet, through it all, Santa Monica College remains a beacon of excellence.

Our success relies heavily on private support. The tax-deductible gifts and grants we receive help to ensure that our students have access to an excellent SMC education. Private support fuels scholarships that allow our students to attend classes despite fee increases or personal economic situations. Private funding provides much needed funds for special programs, scholarships, internship programs, faculty grants for academic support and more.

It has become clear that state-support alone cannot provide the quality of education or the diversity of programs our students deserve. Private funding is no longer an option—it is a necessity. Only with your support can we be assured that Santa Monica College will remain vital, strong, and the #1 community college in California.