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Shearlena Duty

Shearlena Duty, 21
Black Collegians Club President
Pictured with Counselor/Program Leader Sherri Bradford

Hometown: Texarkana, TX
Transfer Aspiration: CSUN
Desired Degree: Master’s degree in Social Work

SMCF: Tell us about your role as a leader at SMC.
SD: My role as a leader at SMC started long before this semester began. I encourage my peers to stay focused and stay in school most importantly. Anyone who came to me with any problems knows that I will do my best to understand their situation. I always tell my friends and anyone else who needs to know that “Although things in life may trip you up, continue to keep moving forward.

SMCF: Why did you choose to attend SMC?
SD: I choose to attend SMC because coming out of high school living in Santa Monica it was the only local community college to attend. I continue to go here even though I have moved out of Santa Monica because I have established a support system with some of the counselors and students here.

SMCF: What about the SMC environment motivates you as a student?
SD: Everything about the SMC environment motives me as a student. Everywhere you go on campus there are opportunities, from the events in the quad such as the college and job fairs, to the motivational and inspiring speakers who come during our activity hours each week.

SMCF: “PROUD TO BE SMC” is the alumni chant. What are you, as an individual, most proud of?
SD: I am most proud of the influence I have on others without trying. As the years have gone by, I feel myself grow and as I am growing I help those around me grow along with me. I am proud that although my life may be difficult and busy at times, I always make time for those who need me no matter if I’ve known them for two minutes, two months, or two years.

SMCF: What three (3) words best describe your experience as an SMC student?
SD: Resourceful, Compassionate, and Inspiring.

SMCF: Final question: What words of inspiration would you share with a new student starting at SMC?
SD: Just because it is expected for you to be done with community college in two years does not mean you will be – and that’s okay. Move at the pace that will allow you to do well in your studies.

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