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Scholarships, Financial Support, Scholars Program Santa Monica College

Santa Monica College continues to attract one of the most diverse student populations in the State of California, providing many of them with the financial support necessary to make a difference in their lives.
SMC Foundation provides scholarships that range from awards assisting working students to students specializing in specific fields such as math, art and the health occupations. Each year more than $700,000 is given to hundreds of SMC students. SMC Foundation manages over 300 on-campus scholarship accounts.
To contribute to a specific Scholarship Fund, you can search for it by clicking here.

Endowed Scholarships

Endowed scholarships are established with a minimum $10,000 gift and can be donor designated and named.

One-time Gifts

When someone wishes to donate to an annual (one-time) scholarship, gifts are accepted and distributed through the general SMC Foundation scholarship fund.

Click here to apply for a SMC Foundation scholarship.