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Maggie Mumar

Maggie Mumar, 19
Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society Executive Vice President
Pictured with PTK Advisor/Professor Wilfred Doucet

Hometown: Bohol, Philippines
Transfer Aspiration: UC Berkeley, UCLA, SDSU, or SFSU
Desired Degree: Master’s degree

SMCF: Tell us about your role as a leader at SMC.
MM: At SMC, I serve as Phi Theta Kappa’s Executive Vice President. I help overlook the honor society, primarily to encourage all members to get involved as much as they can. I try my best to attend all of our events and to lead through my actions, emphasizing that the member’s involvement matters the most. I try my best to help our members with their unanswered questions and I always remind them I am someone they can always talk to in regards to anything, whether it be about Phi Theta Kappa, school or anything else.

SMCF: Why did you choose to attend SMC?
MM: Besides it being really convenient for me in terms of its proximity, I chose it mainly because of its reputation. At first it was SMC’s high transfer rates and great programs that really separated them from other community colleges, but as I’m hitting my second year here at SMC it became about how the school is a very student-centered campus.

SMCF: What about the SMC environment motivates you as a student?
MM: As a student I think that SMC really does value its student commitment, and, as we say in Phi Theta Kappa, “What you put in is what you get out.” SMC provides a great environment for students who are willing to try new things, meet new people and challenge themselves. If you have initiative towards anything here at SMC, everyone will help you. If you put forth the effort, people will recognize what you do and will join you in your adventure, but you have to know how to communicate or else nothing will get done— initiate.

SMCF: “PROUD TO BE SMC” is the alumni chant. What are you, as an individual, most proud of?
MM: I’m proud of many things and currently, I’d have to say that I’m proud of my energy and where I get it from. I’m an optimistic and energetic individual, and I’ve met several people who I think also genuinely have those characteristics. I don’t know where they get their energy from but I get mine from my friends and family. My close circle is supportive of anything I do and they never hinder me from goals. They warn me about things but it’s never interfered with anything. I love that about them.

SMCF: What three (3) words best describe your experience as an SMC student?
MM: Eventful – there’s always something going on here at SMC. It’s almost never quiet, I think it says a lot about the students!

Informative – if you get involved at SMC you know that there’s about a hundred million bits of information you get from events on campus or just going to the AS office. At first it’s overwhelming, because you don’t know how to do things but you learn. It’s helped me realized that there’s rules and regulations that help balance everything, that you have to know these things to get to where you want to be. I realized that I have a better understanding of how to do things better.

Compassionate – even at the peak of my stressful days, I always get reminded that everything will be fine – not only by my fellow students, but also by administrators, faculty and counselors. They know how stressed we students get and that sometimes we forget to breathe. I think it’s their wisdom that keeps us on track and they always remind us to not be too hard on ourselves because we’re doing awesome!

SMCF: Final question: What words of inspiration would you share with a new student starting at SMC?
MM: “Wherever your focus is directed your energy goes” —up for interpretation.

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