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Chairs of Innovation Grant Application & Eligibility

The Chairs of Innovation is a $10,000 grant which supports and encourages departments and programs across campus to think collectively, and work collaboratively to find new ways to serve our students. The award will give a platform to project proposals that have a positive impact on the instructional and learning environment from all institutional, student support and administrative departments.

DEADLINE: Sunday, December 31, 2017

APPLICATION: Please submit application via email to the SMC Foundation at foundation@smc.edu.

for full application.


1.       To enhance the teaching and learning environment; and/or

2.       To improve institutional effectiveness in the delivery of instructional programming and/or student support services

3.       Demonstrate a sustainable outcome that can be adapted into core-curriculum across single departments and/or cross-departmental instruction.


1.    Cover Letter providing overview of proposed grant

2.    Proposal: Please prepare a maximum two-page, 12 point font, single spaced proposal for a consecutive two-year project

3.    Budget: Include an itemized budget with specific expenditures for year one and year two. When possible, include current quotes, including applicable tax. Up to $10,000 per year may be advanced for the proposal and should not exceed this amount in any given year.

4.    Authorized Signatures: Proposals must be approved by the department chair and affiliated vice president. Where multiple departments and/or programs are collaborating on an application, please seek all department chair and VP signatures.

Example: Guardian Scholars and English department proposal require the following signatures: English Dept. Chair, VP of Academic Affairs, Director of Special Programs and VP Student Services

5.    Should the proposal require technical support to implement or ongoing service to execute, advanced sign-off from the IT department is required.

6.    Timeline: Please include a timeline for the two year period of how the proposed idea will be implemented

7.    Proposals must explicitly state how the funds will be used to meet the stated goals.

8.    Professional development of the faculty member(s) can be included as part of the stated goal as long as it pertains directly to a positive impact on student outcomes.


 Please be as concise and considerate as possible when detailing the innovative scope of the proposal.

1.        Provide a brief summary of this request (200 words or less)

2.        What problems, needs or issues does this project address?

3.        What are your goals and outcomes for this project? How will these outcomes support one or all of the above-noted goals for this award?

4.        How will your proposal impact student success?

5.        Describe the specific activities that the department/program will use to address the identified needs and outcome.

6.        Provide a timeline for implementation, including key milestones to be accomplished.

7.        How does this project complement or augment existing services?

8.        Will this project require ongoing funding? If so, how will the department maintain the program when funding ends?

9.        Will this request leverage other existing or pending sources of funding? If so, please specify.


NOTE: Department applications may request up to $10,000 for the following activities:

· Equipment/technology upgrades

· Academic Advancement

· New program development (although the department must identify how it will continue the program beyond the award period)

· Interdepartmental Collaboration


· All Full-time Faculty and Administrators are eligible to apply


· The selection committee will meet prior to the end of the academic year, at which time selected applicants may be asked to make a 10-15 minute presentation in defense of their proposal.


The selection committee will be comprised of college administrators, SMCF board members and/or Foundation donors. Awardees will be announced at the fall Opening Day ceremonies.


·         Recipient must submit a W-9 form for the distribution of award and is responsible for reporting award to IRS.

·         Funds are dispersed in increments of $5,000 per academic year, over a 2-year period. Recipients may select payment in one of the three following ways:

1. Full amount in September (Fall);

2. Full amount in February (Spring); or,

3. ½ in September and ½ February