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The Gift of Textbooks FAQs


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Q: What is the purpose of the holiday campaign?

A: Textbook costs are extremely high. Thousands of students struggle every semester to cover the costs of their textbooks and are often faced with economic challenges. The Santa Monica College Foundation Holiday Fundraising Campaign has one goal: To raise as much money as possible and turnaround to give back to students for free textbook vouchers.

Q: Who is in this campaign?

A: This year’s Holiday Fundraising Campaign features the following programs with an emphasis on Student Services which includes:  Adelante, Associated Students, Athletics, Black Collegians, Cadets, Environmental & Urban Studies, Honors (AGS & PTK), President’s Ambassadors.

Q: What is the goal for this year’s Holiday Fundraising Campaign?

A: The goal is to raise at least $75,000.

Q: Who decides which students receive the support?

A: The Foundation will work with the various student services programs (EOPS, Black Collegians, Adelante, VRC, Counseling). The leaders of these programs will work together to best identify the need and will distribute the textbook vouchers at the beginning of each semester.

Q: Are all students eligible to receive a textbook voucher/scholarship?

A: Because there is a finite amount of funds raised, priority will be given to those students who have the greatest financial need.

Q: What happens if the funds run out?

A: The funds WILL run out. We will continue to try and raise the necessary dollars to help more students.

Q: How can I help?

A: There are so many ways you can help get the word out:

  1. Get Social! Every week, there will be a new photo released on Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat. Like, Share, post, repost, tweet!
  2. E-Card IT! Send the Holiday Fundraising Campaign electronic card to 20 friends, family members or and ask them to contribute. Every dollar counts! Give big, give small, give anything at all!
  3. Host a Fundraiser! Inter Collegiate Clubs can certainly host a fundraiser as long as you follow the ICC rules and regulations. Set a goal and go after it!
  4. Your Personal Touch: We have an allotment of physical cards ready for you to send to those closest to you. Write a personal note which will be more compelling when the holiday card is coming from someone they know.

Q: How can current SMC students contribute to the fundraising effort?

A: Give back one of your textbooks! Yes, the SMC Bookstore has partnered with the SMC Foundation to turn your textbooks into a donation. Students can contribute the value of their “buy back book” to the cause. Once the book is turned in for the campaign, students cannot receive any funds for the exchange. Don't have a textbook to turn in? The SMC Bookstore will donate $1 to the campaign for every non-textbook donated to the campaign. Valid during finals week only!

Q: When will the Holiday Fundraising Campaign begin and end?

A: The Holiday Fundraising Campaign officially kicks off November 10th and concludes December 31st.

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