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Elizabeth King

Elizabeth King, 20
Alpha Gamma Sigma Events Secretary
Pictured with AGS Advisor/Associate Professor Brian Rodas

Hometown: Hawthorne, CA
Transfer Aspiration: UC Berkeley or UCLA
Desired Degree: M.D.

SMCF: Tell us about your role as a leader at SMC.
EK: I currently serve as the Events Secretary for Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) Honor Society and am responsible for maintaining my own committee and making sure AGS’ volunteer events run smoothly. As a club, we pride ourselves on the amount of volunteer work we complete every semester. The Headers’ Committee that I’m in charge of functions to supply each volunteer event with a well-trained and knowledgeable group leader.

SMCF: Why did you choose to attend SMC?
EK: Like most other students, there were so many factors that came into play when I decided to attend SMC. Through most of high school I knew what I wanted to major in and what career I wanted to pursue but in senior year when the letters came in I realized that my plan of majoring in English at an out-of-state university and then attending medical school just wasn’t financially possible. It also didn’t help that at the time I was beginning to doubt those goals. Ultimately, it was the encouragement from my two older siblings, who were also students of SMC at the time, that prompted me into attending. At SMC, I knew the education was affordable so I would have the time to explore my options, enroll in a variety of classes that interested me, and really discover who and what I wanted to be.

SMCF: What about the SMC environment motivates you as a student?
EK: The greatest aspect of being at SMC is the amount of exposure I have with people from so many different walks of life. Many of the classes I’ve had seem like microcosms of the world, so when classmates share their experiences and accomplishments, it moves me to work even harder. I’ve met so many who have already been in the workforce and are back at SMC because they want to learn more and go even further in their careers, and it’s from people like them that I draw inspiration.

SMCF: “PROUD TO BE SMC” is the alumni chant. What are you, as an individual, most proud of?
EK: I am most proud of the person I’ve grown to be since high school. When I graduated, I was introverted, reserved, and often kept to myself because I was both too nervous and shy to connect with others, but now—three years later—I’m still introverted but I’m also much more confident and can communicate effectively with others. Unlike the 17 year-old me, I’m now able to speak in front of others with conviction, go through any form of interview process with greater success, and simply be more comfortable in my own skin. I owe this change to AGS and its board members and advisors who have been my support system through the semesters.

SMCF: What three (3) words best describe your experience as an SMC student?
EK: Challenging. Enriching. Delightful.

SMCF: Final question: What words of inspiration would you share with a new student starting at SMC?
EK: There are so many opportunities and resources available for you here at SMC. All you need to do is find and grab onto them! Whether you’re returning to college or just beginning this exciting new passage, make decisions that will challenge you or at least put you past your level of comfort because it’ll help you grow as a person. Join a club or even start your own! Apply for an internship! Find a job on campus!

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