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Chairs of Excellence Grant Application & Eligibility

"Never before in my career have I been able to develop such an in depth global perspective on the art scene. In the past two years, through my Chair of Excellence grant, I have now had the experience of personally viewing and photographing four major international survey exhibitions, and numerous other museum exhibitions in the US and Europe.
My greatest success is the catalog of over 4,000 photographs I have taken. I am very, very happy about the quality of them. I am particularly happy because the vantage points of my photographs greatly exceed what is available in any commercial publication to date. I have taken overview shots, mid-range shots, and many details. This will allow the art and art history instructors to show the work in a more in depth manner."   -Anne-Marie Karlsen


The Chairs of Excellence are grants awarded to exceptional faculty members striving for innovative avenues to advance the opportunities of our students in this global environment with an equity-centric lens at the forefront of their proposal.  

The Chairs of Excellence have been established for specific academic disciplines by the generous donations of individuals and corporations. Each chair is established with an endowment of $100,000 or more, and maintained as separate fund within the permanently restricted portfolio of The Santa Monica College Foundation.

Each applicant is required to submit a proposal for the three year project. The $15,000 is awarded over the three year period at $5,000 per academic year.


Application and Awards Cycle


Who may apply?

The Selection Committee reviews the proposals with the following priorities in mind:


Please submit application via email to the SMC Foundation at

Click here for application.

1. Application cover sheet

2. A two-page proposal for the three-year project

3. Clear, itemized budget page which identifies how funds will be spent each of the three (3) academic years.

4. Provide two specific metrics for each of the three (3) years as part of the application process due by March 1st, 2022. Impact on student equity, student experience, innovation and SMC vision are encouraged;

5. A sustainability plan with a brief, explanation of how your efforts will carry through years beyond the grant funding.  The sustainability plan’s intent is designed to consider how changes, new ideas and innovations can endure beyond year three of the award.

6. Additional requirements if awarded: All COE grantees will be required to present one (1) workshop on the topic awarded at the spring Faculty Flex Day during the second year of their award.

7. CV


  • The selection committee is comprised of college administrators, SMCF Board members and administrators, and appropriate donors or other fund representatives.
  • Finalists may be asked to explain their proposals in a 10-minute presentation to the selection committee.
  • Member(s) from the SMCF Chairs of Excellence Review Committee may opt to review my grant on an annual basis.


At the end of each academic year, awarded chairs are required to submit to the Foundation a progress report stating what goals were and were not achieved, and why.


March 1st, 2022